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Effective leadership centers on understanding, communication, and collaborative decision-making.  Seize the advantage of holding your next meeting “off site”.  Experience a new environment that will help your team generate new ideas and solutions.  Indulge your desire for the perfect meeting, the warmest hospitality, the latest in technology, and impeccable service.

Technology Services
Needs Assessment
Local Area Network Engineering and Design
Web Publishing


Technology Design Consultants

Nelson County
Tye River Elementary  School

Rockfish River Elementary  School
Nelson County Middle  School
Nelson County High  School
Tye River Elementary  School

Grayson County
Providence Elementary School
Mt. Rogers Combined School

Manassas Park
Manassas Park Middle School Addition and Renovation

Manassas Park High School Addition
Manassas Park Middle School Renovation
Manassas Park Middle School (2)-50 Station Computer Labs
Manassas Park - Division Wide Telecommunications
Manassas Park High School-LAN Upgrade
Cougar  Elementary School
Manassas Park High School 

Federal and State Grants:

Project Title:
Mt. Rogers Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program

U.S. Department of Education
Funded 2001-2004

Project Page

Project ECOLE

Virginia General Assembly
HB 30 ITEM 141 #8

Funded 1998-2002
Project Page

U.S. Dept. of Education  Office of  Special Education

Project Title:
Captioned Instructional Videos to Improve Literacy

Funded 1996-1999

Project Page

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Professional Development Program 

Project Title: 
Using Web Sites To Develop Mathematics SOL Linked Content Based Problems: Action Research Linking Middle
Funded 1994 - 1997
Project Page

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